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A land engulfed in mystery, inhabited by vibrant people zealously guarding their culture – dancers, warriors, head-hunters; mountains, valleys, forests – all these form the portrait of Nagaland the moment the word is uttered.  But, from extreme mystery to hosting a globally famous cultural festival, Nagaland has come a long way over the years and etched a name for itself in the world’s tourist destination map. The climate of Nagaland is nothing but perfect.  With pleasant summers when temperatures do not average above 31o C and winters when they don’t average below 4oC, the place is a ‘perpetual holiday destination’.

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Mon Distrtict

Mon District (Pron:/mɒn/) is a district of Nagaland, a state in India. It is the third-largest district in Nagaland in terms of area. The district has a population of 250,260 people.

Mon district is the home of the Konyak Nagas. The Konyaks are famous for their tattooed faces and bodies.The most colorful festival of the Konyaks, Aoling (Aoleng), is observed during the first week of April every year.

Konyaks are the largest tribe among the Nagas. They speak the Konyak language, a Sino-Tibetan language, with each village having their local dialect. The Konyaks were the last practising headhunters among the Nagas which continued into the 1960s. The tribe embraced Christianity during the late 20th and early 21st century. Konyaks decorate their houses with skulls, hornbill beaks, elephant tusks, horns and wooden statues.